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Kovan Learning Centre

All kids can learn. And all they need is the right atmosphere and the right person to understand their needs and teach them accordingly. However, implementing this ideology is easier said than done simply due to the various challenges we face in our society today. Large class sizes, long school hours, irregular meal breaks, peer influence, both parents working leaving little or no supervision at home – are some of the many reasons attested for kids not reaching their true potential. Not to mention long working hours and intensely competitive education, aggravating the situation further, as cited by parents and students alike. All kids can still learn, but under these circumstances, the prospect of success appears a lot more diminished. So what do we do?

While one way is to complain, the other is to stay calm, examine the reasons and engage in dialogues with stake-holders, before quietly going about discussing with an objective to seek a meaningful resolution for these problems. This is how we at Kovan LC began nineteen years ago. Underpinning our success was our no-nonsense and hands-on approach, built on back-breaking insane hours spent in understanding each and every student’s unique learning needs before coming up with a detailed and highly-customised teaching template, which eventually led to the total transformation of no-hopers to top performers. Today we are proud to share some of these initiatives.

Intro About Our Kovan Learning Center

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Our Mission

Enjoy learning. Excel Academically. Inspire Lives.

Our Vision

Nuturing students to develop their latent talent and passion for learning.



Mr. Alan V

Founder, Principal

Kovan Learning Centre

Mr. Alan, the founder of Kovan Learning Centre, has helmed this establishment since 1996. As an MOE-trained teacher, he specialises in the teaching of Maths and Science at both primary and secondary school levels. As a dedicated educator, Mr. Alan continues to work tirelessly to impart his knowledge to his students within and beyond the classrooms through his innovative and motivational teaching techniques. Over the many years, numerous students under his teaching and mentorship have developed strong interest to learning and have significantly improved and excelled in their academic performance.

Mr. Alan Goh

NIE trained and certified teacher

10 years of experience teaching in secondary school

Mr. Alan Goh’s lessons are lively and engaging, often described by his students to be highly effective and helpful to enhance and deepen their understanding of the Science subjects.

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Awards Received

  • 2011 – Successful Entrepreneur Silver Category
  • 2013 – Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise

Media Coverage

  • SPRING Singapore Interview (1st October 2013)
  • 938FM Radio Interview for Teaching & Technology (August 2015)
  • SPRING Singapore Interview (High Tech Helping Hand – Zhao Bao 11th August 2015)
  • SPRING Singapore Interview (High Tech Helping Hand – Strait Times 7th Jan 2016)

Key Milestone Courses

  • Residents Committee Tuition Centre Programmes (1997 – 2003)
  • Singapore Polytechnic – SINDA Workshop In Collaboration with Mr Fabian Eng  (Prominent PSLE Maths Assessment Book Writer) 2005
  • Singapore Polytechnic – Dr Yap Ben Har (NTU-NIE) Maths & Science Workshop 2005
  • SMU Workshop – Exam Anxiety & Memory 2014