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Basic Algebra and Algebra Identities Intensive Course for Lower Secondary

Students are taught basic algebra and algebraic identities through intensive and strategic methods in order to excel in Math. These methods are highly interactive and immersive and it caters to students’ memory and pace. It prepares them to be exam effective using their cognitive skills and schema training. Enhances the students skills in the following areas:

1.algebraic expansions

2.algebraic factorisation

3.algebraic manipulation

4.algebraic fractions and equations

Students who undergo our specially designed SHUTTLE algebra program tend to be more enthusiastic and capable of achieving better results. This signature program, along with the training in algebra is highly recommended for students who aspire to take up Additional Mathematics for Upper Secondary.

SHUTTLE Programme with Algebra

Structuring the

Habit of

Understanding one’s performance and potential through

Time Management and

Testing Skills and Strategies with good

Learning and joyful experience

Exam effectiveness



Algebra Empowers Study Workshop 2017

Algebra Empowers Study

Algebra is an Effective Tool for Understanding Mathematical Concepts…

Realise the Science in Algebra that Accelerates your Thinking
> Experience our Cutting Edge Learning Technology
> Benefit from our Immersive Exam Simulation Session
> Participate in Exciting Algebra Games & Win Attractive Prices

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Heuristic and Algebra Intensive Revision for Upper Primary

This course consists of creative Mathematical problems which will enhance the pupils’ analytical abilities and reinforce their problem solving skills.

Special features:


  • Topical Revision ...

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‘Phonics and Literacy’ the fun way through rhythm, rhyme and songs. (Age Group 4 - 8)

Children who are taught early Literacy skills through the Phonics way are always well ahead of their chronological age level. The approach is highly interactive and fun and it caters to children’s multiple intelligence.

This program prepares pupils to learn Phonics the multi-sensory way through movement, songs, raps, games and other lively activities. In this programme.


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