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Kovan Learning Centre

All kids can learn. And all they need is the right atmosphere and the right person to understand their needs and teach them accordingly. However, implementing this ideology is easier said than done simply due to the various challenges we face in our society today. Large class sizes, long school hours, irregular meal breaks, peer influence, both parents working leaving little or no supervision at home – are some of the many reasons attested for kids not reaching their true potential. Not to mention long working hours and intensely competitive education, aggravating the situation further, as cited by parents and students alike. All kids can still learn, but under these circumstances, the prospect of success appears a lot more diminished. So what do we do?

While one way is to complain, the other is to stay calm, examine the reasons and engage in dialogues with stake-holders, before quietly going about discussing with an objective to seek a meaningful resolution for these problems. This is how we at Kovan LC began nineteen years ago. Underpinning our success was our no-nonsense and hands-on approach, built on back-breaking insane hours spent in understanding each and every student’s unique learning needs before coming up with a detailed and highly-customised teaching template, which eventually led to the total transformation of no-hopers to top performers. Today we are proud to share some of these initiatives.

Intro About Our Kovan Learning Center

Presentation Video For Kovan LC Courses

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Algebra Empowers Study Workshop 2017

Algebra Empowers Study

Algebra is an Effective Tool for Understanding Math...

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Heuristic and Algebra Intensive Revision for Upper Primary

This course consists of creative Mathematical problems which will enhance the pupils’ analytical abilities and reinforce the...

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Basic Algebra and Algebra Identities Intensive Course for Lower Secondary

Students are taught basic algebra and algebraic identities through intensive and strategic methods in order to excel in Math. ...

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Marathon Classes

We induce self-motivated active learning processes and skills to equip students the winning edge in their study process. We encourage them to stay cool, diffuse tension and exhibit good sense of humour. We embark time management and exam anxiety related exercises to overcome their negative impressions. We also provide students response programme to attend to them immediately. 

Our Classroom Atmosphere 

A conducive learning environment with advanced technological teaching equipments facilitating a positive learning atmosphere is provided.  

Active Learning through Small Group classes

  • We encourage our students with skills such as evaluation, synthesis, analysis application understanding and knowledge. 
  • Small group discussions and presentations are carried out by PowerPoint. More creative methods are used. 
  • Peer reviews are conducted. 

What sets us apart


Marathon Classes

Strengthen students’ mental agility and increase their endurance in overcoming fears during exams through marathon classes.


Visual Aid Immersion

Creating a virtual reality environment that brings learning closer to the students to enhance their concentration, improving their ability to grasp concepts faster.

Flipped Teaching

Indirect teaching methods which stimulate interactions with students and promote self-directed learning.


Parables and Paradigms

Standard topics such as gas laws and covalent bonding are introduced with stories usually having a character of a parable. Use of stories while teaching engages the students more in the concept and assists in deep understanding of the subjects.


Structuring the

Habit of

Understanding one’s performance and potential through

Time Management and

Testing Skills and Strategies with good

Learning and joyful experience

Exam effectiveness

ABC Approach

To enhance the Affective Behavioural and Cognitive attitude such as a good positive attitude to organise and execute higher order thinking.

Our Signature Programmes


  • To help students, especially the weaker ones, overcome fear of learning Mathematics
  • To make learning Mathematics fun and enjoyable for students


We incorporate the latest technology into the concept of immersive learning to engage students, spark their interest in learning Mathematics and help them build confidence and overcome any learning difficulties in Mathematics.

Students would get to experience our new approach of learning and mastering Algebra.

Why Algebra Empowers?

Algebra Empowers (TM) is a foundation topic in Mathematics. Many other topics, such as Simultaneous Equations, Quadratic Equations and Coordinate Geometry, require students to have a sound knowledge of Algebra.

When students are equipped with sound knowledge of Algebra, they can handle other topics with confidence.

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What Our Students Say

“Kovan LC boosted our daughter Natasha Chong’s interest in Mathematics as their lecturer Mr Alan Thayalan engage her to learn in a more”

Mr. Derrick and Mrs Carol

“Karis is top in class for English and Maths. Thanks for your guidance and the effective teaching style.”

Ms. Karen Parent of Karis

“Cuthbert joined Kovan LC during his Primary 5 but he didn’t do well for his PSLE and got promoted to Secondary 1 Normal Technical stream.”

Mr. Eddie Parent of Cuthbert

“During my Mid-Year Examination, I scored 56 out of 60 for Maths. Before joining Kovan LC, I experienced exam stress. This caused me to feel panicked which thus refrained me from performing my best.”

Student Sassidaran

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